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Attempted big "Divvy Up" by members of Police Scotland of commission money and compensation payments.

I have written an evidence document about the attempted seizure of the commission money and of my compensation payments for cases that criminals were sentenced in court about. I am due £100 million for the case against Irvine Welsh and Christopher Guibarelli and others £25 million to me and £25 million to my mother for the case against Santander, Halifax and the Financial Ombudsman, £100,000 court money and £500,000 for the case about the Office of the Public Guardian I have some information about. I can prove I was due the PF numbers back for handing my case into court was as mentioned in my about section my PF numbers were passed to impersonators who were proven to be fraudulent, however, I was still blocked illegally by my own proceedings and had to write from the outside looking in and I am also due a letter of estate title and commission. I have evidence that members of Police Scotland are trying to get someone to impersonate me so they can divvy up the money (including the commission money) by saying they wrote the evidence documents and falsifying my identity that they have for me so they can attach a legal society to it. No one knows how long these members of Police Scotland have been doing this to others, pretending to be people harassed by criminals so they can claim their compensation payments. They attempted and didn't manage to succeed as I kept writing in. Evidence documents on this are in my supporting evidence section of my website.

It seems that some members of society including members of Police Scotland suffer f from these things:

* Pavlov's dog malfunction: When people read evidence documents, a knee jerk reaction happens in the head as if to laugh at serious crime. This is because when people get their treats from the criminal gang in the nightclub, they have to laugh at people reporting serious crime where evidence documents are made out to be nonsense. It is similar to the strange reactions with the psychology evidence out by the theory of Pavlov's dog who reacted strangely whenever he heard the clock being wound up, because normally he would get a treat when the clock was wound up even without getting the treat. It is like people suffering from such a reaction when they read an evidence document to laugh at people reporting crime and evidence of serious crime activity, because they have to laugh about them being idiotic with the criminals in order to get their treat in the nightclub. It is also caused by people allowing themselves to be identified by the criminal gang instead of people being sure of their identity and making steps. The more they feel they are identified as other people as 'superstars' by the criminal gang when they meet famous people because they have handed their id over to the gang to allow them to tell them who they are, the more people feel validated and their ego grows rendering the superego non-existent, the latter being the voice that tells you when to sort things out and to analyse yourself. I am not a psychologist but part of my dissertation at University involved sociology and it is matters I recognize from reading some psychology books and papers. It has led to people surrendering to horrible gangs involved in abuse crime to feel secure and they feel that they should be controlling the police. I am not talking about those types of people that are in run of the mill bribery gangs for smaller types of crime such as drugs etc. I am talking about the Illuminati Lodge of Morningside stealing the Royal Commission and the compensation payments meant for people hurt by criminals level of crime who are guilty of abuse such as Irvine Welsh.

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