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James William Auguste Turner

My name is James William Auguste Turner and I did not realise I hold title until I got a Royal Salute from my home address in Livingston in West Lothian. I was well on the way to investigating the Illuminati Lodge of Morningside and the Morningside Masonic Lodge for a number of years (obviously not the entire lodges, I am happy to cancel people out of investigation when finding people innocent), but I wrote the evidence document after I obtained a Royal Salute from the RAF for political activism whilst holding title. The evidence document details people impersonating me on paper to steal the Royal Commission. I have my identity rubber stamped with a lawyer who notarised my identification and witnessed my signature.

What happened is that I handed a draft of evidence to the police and obtained a police case reference number and when I handed this in to the Procurator Fiscal's Office in Edinburgh along with the serial number, they were supposed to generate and give me a PF Case Reference number, but I was ignored as if there was no cases as a result of that. The only case I was notified about was the complaint I made that they hid the evidence document where they addressed me as James William Auguste Turner. What happened, I have evidence of, is that they gave my PF Case Reference Number for the evidence to an illegal impersonator who had been siphoning my identity on paper and in secret for many years WHO IS AROUND HOLYROOD ON MY SIPHONED OFF FALSE IDENTITY AND PAPERWORK BECAUSE HE HAD THE ILLEGAL CEREMONY TO SIPHON OFF THE CROWN MONEY.  After my PF Case reference number was passed to Matthew Fraser illegally I suspect to hold a trial where he could impersonate me and illegally rescind the evidence document, with no notice given to me to alert me of these semi-secret trials. I continued to hand evidence in and the receptionists at the Procurator Fiscal's Office were repeatedly saying: "It is going straight to the Crown Office" and continued to accept and rubber-stamp and witness my documentation with my signature countersigned with the receptionists working there.

What I heard happened is that after I berated the court from the outside looking in to get them to hold onto the evidence, I have information they split up into different trials where one of which proved that the person who was claiming to be me was an impersonator BUT ALL THESE YEARS HE WAS AROUND HOLYROOD after he had an illegal ceremony IMPERSONATING ME. I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET A LETTER FROM THE ROYAL SOCIETY INFORMING OF MY TITLE FOR SCOTLAND and Matthew Fraser attended the ceremony instead of me impersonating me without permission. I NEVER KNEW FOR MANY YEARS I HAD TITLE and I found out I HELD/STILL HOLD TITLE FOR SCOTLAND and I WAS BEING IMPERSONATED BY MATTHEW FRASER ON PAPER PRETENDING TO BE ME AS KING. During the trial from my evidence document when I handed it at reception at the reception desk, I also have information that they also ruled that I, James William Auguste Turner is the correct person that holds this title and I live currently in Livingston at my home address.

I have information that this impersonator Matthew Fraser WHO AROUND HOLYROOD INSTEAD OF ME was thrown out of court and was said to have been prosecuted under a veil, but  was released to try to impersonate me all over again, as if he was the one that handed the evidence document and had an impersonator impersonating him. He has been bust for this also I hear because of my letter writing and now I hear they want to use another impersonator to claim he is me. This is in spite of the fact I have information I was awarded a hefty sum for being smeared by Irvine Welsh which is money for criminal compensation I hear to the tune of 50 million pounds which I have yet to get written confirmation about. I also hear that Buckingham Palace in London have written to the Procurator Fiscal's Office to tell them to send me a letter, but they are not writing this letter and want to ignore everything and block me no matter what so they can get impersonators in to steal the Royal Commission with false paperwork. If they are trying to say someone is acting in my stead, there is no caretaker or regent paperwork organised, not even a power of attorney and I am of sound mind and capability. If they managed to have such paperwork, I am still due the commission money. They cannot say that I am not of sound mind or are 'acting in my stead' because they have none of this paperwork and they have been impersonating me illegally for many years misusing my name on paper.

Now I am forced to wait for a letter among a wall of silence that they do not want to send me that I hold title, estate, land and commission money for the city of Edinburgh & Lothians and for the rest of Scotland.

I need people to support me and to break the wall of silence, to put this on surface media instead of this information being passed under the radar without people saying anything about it. Because at the moment it only gets passed around on covert networks and on secret streams where secret societies control it.

The document has been paper-dropped in a number of public houses around Edinburgh and it is operating as a public protection document. It has led to some arrests and convictions and it is there to protect the public, not just for me to get to my position because I have been born with title.

It is imperative I get to my responsibilities and commission. While the Illuminati Lodge of Morningside spend the public money on bribes and media prizes to be in the celebrity crowd. Me having the seat would mean that the money would be spent on getting rid of the technology that has seized the town and ensure that law and order is brought to places where criminal law previously could not reach such as media crimes and many others such as Illuminati related crimes.

People are in the position where they are just being compartmentalised because lots of people are just being influenced by the Illuminati Lodge of Morningside since they have stolen the Royal Commission. It has led to the destruction of industries and now the Illuminati Lodge of Morningside controls all industry in Scotland. They are involved with a large range of crimes that the evidence document goes into. I have no criminal record and I have been heavily smeared on media on secretive clandestine networks. People need to come together and ask themselves if they want a criminal gang representing them who have a huge evidence document on them assaulting innocent people and have thieved the Royal Commission who might have great images of themselves on films and TV; or do people want the guy who has had a Royal Salute, actually holds the title, investigated all these criminals, who has no criminal record but has been smeared with fake media and comes from a council estate? Yes I am real. The Crown Office failed to send me a letter to notify me I hold title and my identity has been siphoned by impersonators since birth, in secret, under false paperwork among elite criminals to steal the commission that The Crown Office were legally obligated to give me for Scotland. This type of theft has happened before in history.

Below is my Curriculum Vitae so that you know my background and an Action Plan that I also  paper-dropped. I also have the appropriate letters and rubber stamping from when I handed my evidence in that was witnessed. Please check out my lectures which I had to do to discuss my spiritual identity because I obtained a Royal Salute.

Yours for Scotland

James William Auguste Turner

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