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Napier University link with Michael Jackson Case

This is evidence I came across whilst investigating the Illuminati Lodge of Morningside and the Morningside Masonic Lodge where I stumbled across references in a film that is linked to Napier University via the people associated in a highly suspicious image I came across in the films. I spent a great deal of time being around directors and screenwriters in Edinburgh whilst attending Napier University doing my MA in Screenwriting, so the evidence matches up and patterns out with these associates and uncovered criminal connections surrounding the Illuminati Lodge of Morningside and the Morningside Masonic Lodge to do with the film industry. Sometimes separate cases are linked together and it is in this circumstance of these evidence documents below. I found two matches (one eye witness but nameless - another named but matched via the media) in Edinburgh with the evidence documents of a new case that is implicated with the Michael Jackson case. I highly suspect their criminal behaviour surrounding the Michael Jackson case, the evidence points to that. The third document uploaded could be a possible match for the third person but somebody needs to see this person and identify him. Someone pointed at this suspect via covert communications.

Please read the falsely rubber stamped document by the PF Office refusing to identify themselves by stamping the name of their department down. They used an unusual rubber stamp to try and block confirmation that they had accepted the document in person and refused to process further documents.

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