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Letters you can write to help.

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Since the Illuminati Lodge have been targeting me throughout my life it has led to blockage of payments. Believe it or not, people are being bribed to stop me getting money that I am legally obligated to receive and I would appreciate it if people could write to these people I am due money from and state that they are implicated in a document of evidence because they are blocking my payments I am legally entitled to as I have evidence the alleged criminals are telling them to block my payments. One such organisation is the Independent Betting Adjudication Authority (IBAS) who deleted my records when they might have taken a bribe to stop paying me an estimate of around £600,000 give or take I am legally entitled to. I managed to prove that my bets were being blocked from winnings, but now i don't even have to prove that, they committed fraud and deleted my records. I had a case reference number from the Gambling Commission (who did their jobs) that I passed onto IBAS as an extra reference. Contacting IBAS would be low risk, it is just that they think they can ignore me as they think I am on my own when I am not. Other organisations I am due money from is the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) for my performances for nods and portrayals I am connected to. PPL for my music Royalties as my drumming has been shared on clandestine networks. The Writer's Guild of America West owe me a lot for my stand up being sent out that I registered with the Copyright Office. If anybody wants to help by writing letters to them notifying them of their implication with the criminals by not paying me it would be very much appreciated. Letters written by people to the Procurator Fiscal's Office to get them to send me notification of my title and estate as well as getting them to send me my legally obliged payment for my claim for defamation of character and court money would be very helpful indeed. The Procurator Fiscal's office have been instructed to send me a letter I have information on and they are legally obliged to send it, I have the legal right to get this letter under Royal Prerogative, it is just that the Crown Office and the Procurator Fiscal's Office have been brought to a standstill because they do not want to be prosecuted. They are hoping to block all communication hoping it will all go away while they try and play tricks on Masonic media with the connections they have to try and impersonate me further. I will spend the money on improving Scotland.

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