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Statement About "Wall of Silence" from the Press and the Media!

As I have reported most evidence documents to the press after having legal reasons to do so (Legal Defences for Evidence Drop), I have since sent many evidence documents to the Daily Record, FOX News and West Lothian Courier and some evidence documents to CNN, The New Republic and others. I have not received ONE reply from any of them and I am encountering a wall of silence. I have heard that there has been faithful and accurate reportage with FOX News on Masonic Media but still they have not replied, but others may be taking bribes from James Mavor’s influence to block communications with me and pretend the information that I sent them came from someone else.  I hear that Alistair Miller is a big influence in The Daily Record and I saw his name in a letter from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) when he knocked me back from a compensation claim. I was harassed by him with technology, and I heard via technological communications from what may be him and from others he may have demanded a cut of £20 million approx. to block me from my compensation payments. I heard that he was responsible for harassing me with technology for six months when I was suffering from ill health because he had championed an illegal Royal Ceremony with an illegal impersonator who is known as Matthew Fraser. I believe his son (not Iain Miller who is completely innocent I believe) harassed me at the Daily Record with threats via technological communications as well. I have some information that such technology is covered by law hence the Royal Salute from my home address at 84 Lanark Avenue, Deans, Livingston, EH54 8QN.

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