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Please see my new website for my Ltd Investigations Company.

Please check out my newly formed website for my company Turner Investigations Ltd that can be viewed on You can book for an appointment for me to work on your case on how you can present evidence to surface media and use it for your own projects that can be subject to commentary. I know the world of journalism and media and know how this information can be presented to be commented for satire and how to clear it to make it far less likely for you to be sued or criminalised because of your inclusions and omissions in your material. A half hour meeting over Zoom is free so I can state what services I offer, but a consultation will last an hour and a half and I charge £1000 for a week's work for a first look to assess risks and see how far I can go with it before getting back to you with my results for the first week. A quote is arranged for later too. I can also look into spiritual identity theft to see if anybody is trying grab your profile as you are represented with your connections from history in case thieves try and represent it wrongly as their history. I can prove this to you and I always WRITE DOWN MY RESULTS in black and white.

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