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Notarise your identity documents.

If you are protesting against the Illuminati, the first thing they will try and do is try to steal your credibility and siphon off your identity. Therefore it is important to get your identity documents notarised with a lawyer with their rubber stamp and for them to witness your signature countersigned by the lawyer. Don't just get your identity documents notarised, get all your work documents, contracts, company documents, email addresses, bank details, email address and creative writing endeavours notarised with a lawyer (not the same as copyright registration). This proves that all your documents are real along with your signature that is witnessed by the lawyer. Some lawyers will even certify this with a certified material stamp as well as their official stamp. This does not cost much money and it can range from £50 to around £200 depending on how many items you are getting notarised. Be prepared when you are protesting, writing letters that may highlight you etc and get your identity documents notarised and filed by the lawyer.

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