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Introduce me to a Lawyer.

I am particularly interested in hearing from the legal professionals that I heard defended me in court and defended my identity and proved that the person at court was an illegal impersonator. I was not at court because information was blocked from me about the time and date of the court case after an illegal PF Case reference number was handed to an illegal impersonator for them to illegally rescind my evidence document I handed in. I knew there was a Crown Office case for the evidence I handed in but there was a wall of silence as the Procurator Fiscal's Office were desperate for me not to know about as I was being misrepresented illegally. I heard two lawyers proved that the person at court was an illegal impersonator and it was ruled in my favour. I urge these lawyers to get in touch, but if they cannot I would appreciate introductions to legal professionals that can check my documents and represent me forcing the letter I am supposed to get through Royal Prerogative informing me of my estate and title from the Crown Office and the Procurator Fiscal's Office where I have information that they were ordered by the judiciary to send to me.

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