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Organise a protest safely!

If people find themselves in a position where they can organise a gathering, it would be a good idea to have a recorded and televised protest (maybe for you tube) outside the Procurator Fiscal's Office. Have funeral music with signs saying RIP PFO and have a demonstration that it is the end of the Procurator Fiscal's Office if they continue to not to write me a letter notifying me of my title because criminals are stealing the crown money. I have the paperwork on my website. My rubber stampings and my legal defences are listed. People would be able to question others at the Procurator Fiscal's Office politely as an organised protect and question some of the people representing it. This falls under the legal rights of being a citizen as there is evidence of it and the paperwork is there. People could refer to me getting a Royal Salute and asking why they have impersonators in.

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Notarise your identity documents.

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