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Please find my relatives:

In the evidence document, I describe my father James Bernard Broome Turner, my grandmother Catherine Turner (my father's mother), my Aunt Helen Banks and my Uncle Douglas Banks. They were supposed to have passed, but I have visual confirmation that my grandmother, my father and my Aunt may have had a false passing, I fear my Uncle has as well and I have reported them missing to the police. I hear the gang is around my biological daughter, I have been told her name is Jasmine Edgar, I hear she is well.

I had visual confirmation of my Aunt who recognised me at the fruit and veg shop on 314 Morningside Road, visual confirmation of my father at The Royal College of Physicians when I worked for the Corps of Commissionaires and in Victoria Bar in Leith. I have information that my grandmother Catherine Turner and my father may have been around St John's Hospital in Livingston (my father going by the name of "Pat").

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