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Please support my crowdfunding campaign.

I would sincerely appreciate if people reading this would think about donating to my Crowdfunding campaign which can be found on my home page. Please click the button and you will be taken to the page. I have to think about the legal implications of being a private investigator looking into a stolen Royal commission and trying to get justice for myself and my family after being stalked by these criminals for many years. I also have think about security, which is why the target is set at £200,000. I hope to be able to pay fees in promoting, campaigning, hiring a lawyer, being able to set up an office and starting my private detective's agency. It is more or less to be able to deal with the situation of pursuing this case of getting the stolen Royal fund back for Scotland and for me to be able to get to my seat to restore security for Edinburgh & Lothians and further afield.

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Notarise your identity documents.

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